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产品型号:HC-180100LD  HC-160100LD  HC-180140LD HC-180120LD


Suitable for all kinds of soft heald material
Suitable for plush toys, clothing, brand, clothing textiles, footwear, carpet, car interiors, luggage, cleaning supplies, such as printing and packaging processing industry as well as to save time for higher automation professional users.



Crawler workbench is suitable to the feed system (optional), can realize continuous processing automation, intelligent typesetting software can be configured at the same time, the process is extremely fast and save material, playing board, the modification is convenient, high cutting efficiency, good quality, especially for patch embroidered clothing fabrics such as cutting work piece.
可对宽幅1800mm以内的各类柔性材料精细切割 ,激光加热,切口光洁无须边,品质高。
For all kinds of flexible material within 1800 mm wide fine cutting, laser heating, the incision is bright and clean without edge, high quality.
Dual laser head, can be configured according to processing requirements, through long intelligent typesetting software, allow fast processing speed, higher utilization rate of fabric. A variety of laser power and the processing width optional, can according to oneself individual character processing needs of customers the ideal processing platform
Low product classification (cutting material) : 1, special cutting machine general fabrics, with ordinary drum net. 2: the corrosion of the fabric is special cutting machine, roll with stainless steel net. 3: white fabric is special cutting machine, with strip rolling.


激光类型Laser type 玻璃管封离Co2激光器 Glass tube sealing Co2 laser
激光输出功率Thelaserpoweroutput 80w/110w/130w/150w 80w/110w/130w/150w
加工幅面Processing wide 1400x900/1600x1000/1800x1000/1800x1400(mm) 1400x900/1600x1000/1800x1000/1800x1400(mm)
工作平台Work platform 履带工作平台
Bo caterpillar work platform
加工速度Processing speed 可调 adjustable
定位精度Positioningaccuracy ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
运动系统Motor system 步进/伺服运动系统 The step/servo motor system
冷却系统The coolingsystem 水循环冷却机 Water circulating cooling machine
供电电源Power supply AC220V±5%  50/60HZ AC220V±5%  50/60HZ
支持图形格式ForMatSupport  AI  BMP  PLT  DXF  DST 等 AI  BMP  PLT  DXF  DST  etc
标配The standard 微型空压机,55W下抽烟机2台,自动升降
Under the miniature air compressor, 55 w 2 smoke machines, automatic lifting
选配optional 简单挂料支架,自动送料装置,多头智能排版,工作台罩
Simple hanging bracket, automatic feeding device, bull intelligent layout, table cover
型号model 净尺寸(长*宽*高 单位:mm)L*W*H Unit::mm 重量(KG)
160100LD 2480*2080*1200 500
180100LD 2650*2120*1200 600
180120LD 2650*2320*1200 650
180140LD 2650*2500*1200 700